27 JanEverything you need to know about a pediatrician position

The medical doctors that deal with examining, diagnosing, preventing and treating injuries and diseases in children (starting from infancy and to young adulthood) are called pediatricians. In order to become a pediatrician, you have to know the education you need and the requirements for obtaining a license.

What will your responsibilities be as a pediatrician?

The most important responsibility of a pediatrician is giving children, including infants and teenagers, the best healthcare. Besides examining young patients, diagnosing and treating them, you also have to observe that they develop properly over the years, both mentally and physically.

You will need to be well equipped with knowledge, so that you can figure out what the source of pain or discomfort is and to choose the correct treatment plan. In addition, your interpersonal skills have to be enhanced, as you will have to communicate with children and their guardians in an effective way.

Some of the pediatrician’s responsibilities include recording the medical history of patients, talking about examination results with the patients and their guardians, counseling them on nutrition, hygiene, proper diet as well as other important factors. A pediatrician may also work closely with other specialized doctors in order to provide a better and more effective healthcare.

How much can you earn as a pediatrician?

The American Medical Association declared that almost ten percent of the active doctors were working in Pediatrics in year 2007. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a 22 % increase in the employment of pediatricians in the next ten years, which seems to be a greater rate than other occupations have. A pediatrician’s income can be influenced by the industry of employment, experience and location, but the average annual salary that was reported in May 2010 was about 155,000 dollars.

What is the education needed so that you can become a pediatrician?

First of all, to become a pediatrician you have to go through a four-year college program after which you will be ready to enroll a medical school. These four years you will spend studying for a Doctor of Medicine degree. On the other hand, you can opt for a Doctor of Osteopathy degree depending on your interests. The first two years of the medical school will be reserved for classroom education as well as some laboratory work. Whereas the last two years will be reserved for gaining experience in clinical settings, under the supervision of licensed doctors. After graduating from the medical school, you will have three years of residency where you will train and gain hands-on experience in the specialty you have chosen. After completing your residency, you will earn a license to practice medicine in the field you have chosen. Even though this license is recognized by many institutions, there are employers who will request you to earn a certificate that is issued by the American Board of Pediatrics. This board is certified and they are a part of the American Board of Medical Subspecialties.