27 JanHow much can a Radiography Tech Earn?

As a radiography technologist or technician, you will be responsible for properly operating medical equipment, such as X-ray, magnetic resonance, mammography and computer tomography, in order to capture bones and internal organs on images.  Your tasks will include informing the patients on the procedure that they will undergo, as well as make sure that they are prepared for it, i.e. that they have removed all jewelry as well as that they fulfill all the requirements. The crucial task of your job will be to position the patients correctly, so that the procedure should not be repeated. During your job, you will have to wear protective clothing as well as know everything there is to know about the safety, so that you can protect not only yourself, but also the patients.

 Average Radiography Tech’s Salary

According to the BLS report from May 2012, radiography tech earned about $56,450 per year, with the top ten percent earning $77,160 and the bottom ten percent earning as little as $37,060. The report also showed that there is a difference between the industries, from those working at a university or college with the average salary of $66,810, to those working in scientific research with the average salary of $61,570; whereas, radiography techs working in special hospitals, insurance careers and employment services had an average annual salary of approximately $61,000.

General medical and surgical hospitals were the ones that employed the most radiograph technicians, paying them $56,590 on average. The second place went to the physicians’ offices that paid their techs about $55,070; whereas laboratories, outpatient centers and the government came third, fourth and fifth, paying their employees $56,740, $57,210 and $58,800 respectively.

Radiography Tech’s Salary by States

Another factor that greatly influenced the salary of radiography technicians was the location, or state where they practice medicine. Those working in Massachusetts, Alaska, the District of Columbia and Hawaii were paid the highest, with the average salary ranging from $82,080 to $66,610.  On the other hand, the states that offered the lowest salary were Kentucky, Alabama, Nebraska, Iowa and Louisiana with the average wages ranging from $25,860-$48,710.
As for the experience, those with less than a year brought home paycheck ranging from $34,290-$50,868, whereas those with one to four years experience had wages anywhere from $28,188 up to $61,277. The most experienced ones had a salary between $25,627 and $63,616, according to new report by the PayScale.com

What does the future holds for Radiography Techs?

Being a radiography tech is not a bad thing in the future, as there is a predicted 21% growth in job employment of techs in the next ten years. The chances of getting an excellent job increase with every specialization that you take, that is those who deal with several different diagnostic imaging equipment have far better chances of being employed and earning more than those who specialize in one equipment, such as radiography techs, according to the research conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.