27 JanHow much do Medical Administrative Assistants earn per year?

For those with excellent organizational skills who want to work in the medical settings, applying for a medical administrative assistant might just be the right thing. That the prospects seem bright for this occupation in the next ten years shows the report by the BLS, which states that there will be a whooping 31% increase in the employment rate for the medical administrative assistants. This figure is a little less surprising when we think about all the places where medical administrative assistance can work, from outpatient care centers and hospital to local governments, psychiatric hospitals and research centers.

Average Salary in May 2012

Medical administrative assistants earned on average $30,550 per year, whereas the top ten percent earned as much as $41,570 and the bottom ten earned as little as $21,080 according to the BLS. Thus said, several factors influenced the salary in the year 2012, the major ones being experience, location and industry.

Salaries based on the Experience

If we are to look at the figures for the general administrative assistants provided by PayScale.com in December 2013, we can seen that those with less than a year of experience earned anywhere between $21,520-$40,401, whereas one-four year experienced administrative assistants brought home salaries from $23,681 to $43,561. The higher salaries were reserved for those with five to nine years of experience and ten to nineteen years of experience earning them annually between $25,341-$48,387, $27,160-$52,442 respectively while those with over twenty years of experience had between $28,014 and $56,003.

Salaries based on the Location

According to the location, the highest paid countries in 2012 were the District of Columbia and Alaska, with an average salary ranging from $37,800 and $39,900. Massachusetts, Washington and Hawaii fall second on the list of highest paying countries with the reported average salary of dollars 34,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The worst was for those working in Alabama, Utah, Ohio, Arkansas and West Virginia, as they were paid the least, with an average salary ranging from $22,460 to $28,140. Mexico recorded the highest employment rate with the salary approximately $28,220 per year.

Salaries based on the Industry

Work place for medical administrative assistants can be quite versatile, from hospitals and physician offices to research companies, insurance firms, psychiatric hospitals and local governments. However, the salary differs from one industry to another. The highest salary was recorded by the medical administrative assistants working in psychiatric hospitals and centers for substance abuse. They earned approximately $ 42,250 per year, according to the data provided by BLS in May 2012. On the other hand, those employed in the industries of general medical and surgical hospitals, as well as outpatient centers and other health practitioners had an average salary of $31,750, $27,420 and $31,980 respectively. Medical administrative assistants were hired the most by the physicians working in the private practice with an average salary of $30,740.

Research online for further understanding of what medical administrative assistants actual do, as well as what education is needed to become one.