27 JanHow much does a SWAT Team Member earn?

A SWAT team member is a special weapons and tactics police officer who works in high-risk situations every day. Wages for police officers and SWAT team members can be different, especially as the SWAT team members receive a significant pay for overtime hours.

What is the average annual pay and compensation of a SWAT team member?

As stated before, a SWAT team member is a specially instructed police officer. The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics declared that the average annual income of a police officer was a little over 51,000 dollars in the year 2008. In the year 2009, the same agency declared that SWAT team members had an average annual salary of about 57,000 dollars for those employed by the state, that is about 51,000 dollars for those employed in local SWAT teams and approximately 46,000 dollars per year for those employed by federal SWAT teams. The supervisor of a SWAT team had an average annual salary of almost 70,000 dollars.

The salary of a SWAT team member is also influenced by education and experience. With every year of experience, the salary of a SWAT member increases. As the job includes plenty of overtime hours, a SWAT member can earn substantially more than the average salary seems to be.

Tuition reimbursement

To become a police officer, you have to obtain a high school diploma, but some police departments request from their employees to have a degree or at least one to two years of college. To become a SWAT team member, you have to go through special training. Many police departments partially or fully pay the tuition and training for those with the law enforcement degrees. They will also pay higher salaries for the SWAT team members after they obtained their degree.

What other benefits and compensations does a SWAT team member receive?

Typically, the benefits package of a SWAT team member incorporates medical insurance, sick leave, life insurance, paid vacation, as well as an allowance for uniforms. A SWAT team member can retire after 25 to 30 years of service at a half salary due to a liberal pension plan.

What are the requirements for a SWAT team member position?

SWAT team members usually work full – time from the police department every day. This can be either detective work or patrol. When a high-risk situation that needs crisis intervention arises, the SWAT team members are called into action. As a SWAT team member, you will have exceptional firearms skills, an excellent physical condition, and training for SWAT team duties, which include assault skills and negotiation techniques. You will also have to pass a psychological evaluation and a fitness test to show that you are fit to work in pressurized situations.

A workweek for the SWAT team member lasts 40 hours. Entry-level SWAT team members also work on holidays, weekends and evenings. It can be a stressful and dangerous job because you will be constantly exposed to death and suffering in situations that demand someone who will stay calm and collected.