27 JanThe jobs you can do if you have a degree in sports science

With a sports science degree, you will have an opportunity to work in several different settings on several different positions, including being a P.E. teacher, physical therapist, fitness manager and athletic trainer.  The choice ultimately depends on the degree you acquire. Depending on how committed you are as well as how many years you want to spend in school, you can earn an associate’s, bachelor’s, master’s degree or even a doctorate.

Working as a Physical Education Teacher

For those who want to work in the school settings, be it an elementary, high school or college, performing the tasks and responsibilities of a physical education teacher, you will need to obtain a college degree in sports science, with courses that emphasize physical activity. In addition to a degree, you will need to obtain a license, after you have earned a teaching credential that is approved by the state.

Working as a Physical Therapist

Getting a degree in science will also set you on the right path if you want to work as a physical or occupation therapist. If you want to become a physical therapist, you will have to finish a Doctor of Physical Therapy program and earn a doctoral degree, whereas for those of you who want to practice therapy occupationally can do that with a master’s degree. Both programs include courses such as athletic injuries, exercise physiology and kinesiology, which will prepare you for the job you will do.

 As a physical therapist, you will be responsible for rehabilitating patients who have undergone a disease or injury that has left them physically disable; whereas, as an occupation therapist you will help those who are physically challenged to overcome the obstacles in their everyday tasks.

Working as an Athletic Manager

Working as an athletic manager you will be responsible for planning the athletic events, which will be held at public schools and universities. Hence why, it is advisable to concentrate on a course that will give you a strong grasp on sports management, sports marketing, sports even management as well as financial accounting. You can also opt for a program that specializes in athletic training, as your main responsibilities as an athletic manager or director will include working with different individuals, either students or professional athletes, in order to prepare them for their participation in an athletic event.

Working as a Fitness Manager

Fitness managers can be found in fitness centers, training facilities as well as in private practices, where they perform different tasks, from designing fitness programs and overseeing their staff members to marketing their services and scheduling appointments. Hence why, it is important that you attend a program, which offers courses in nutrition, health promotion as well as fitness management.

If sports sciences is something that you have been keen on and are willing to spend several years getting the proper education and a degree, you can work in different positions, such as the ones mentioned above.